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On March 2, 2015, in Shows, by Bill

Even though the format for Ceilidh doesn’t really change from year to year, the “vibe”, if you will, of the show is quite different each time. Sure, there were some big changes: We welcomed Roy Donnelly aboard to play percussion, and our string player, Linnea Bloomquist accepted our offer to become a full-time band member. (We promise to post the video of the tattooing ceremony when we do it. We’ll be surprising Roy and Linnea, so mum’s the word, okay?)

Once again, so many friends helped make this event the huge success that it was. First and foremost, Rebekah Royer-Poppel and Margaret O’Keefe deserve major props for doing so much behind the scenes to coordinate this thing – 5-6 months of planning coming down to one day. Karl Messerschmidt was at the soundboard once more, doing that voodoo that he do so well! (Karl also wowed us all with a performance during the evening show that was both awe-inspiring and totally depressing for me, as a fellow guitarist!) So many people from Hole in the Wall came out to work house and sell concessions – so everyone was well fed! (Though I was disappointed to learn that I had missed the opportunity to get a Lucky Charms’ Treat that my wife, Barb had baked along with a host of other yummy things) The guest singers were all wonderful this year and just a joy to work with throughout the rehearsal process. Terrific audiences were just the icing on the cake (Like the Irish apple cake that everybody else had, but I didn’t get any of…But I’m not bitter….)

Every year, the Ceilidh gets bigger and bigger. We sell-out the show, so we added an afternoon performance a few years back. Each year, more and more people come to enjoy the music and camaraderie. Looking back over the wonderful pictures that Mark Englehart took, it strikes me what a special evening (and afternoon) it was. So many moments that I may have missed, being in the thick of it as I was, that are now posted for all to see. I am so humbled to play my small role in this event. It surpasses anything that any of us ever could have imagined 7 years ago. As our “production value” has increased, so has every aspect of the show. This year’s Ceilidh was a joy to work on and will be quite the thing to top next year….An awfully high bar to set, but we never pass up a bar in this band, if we can help it!

Photos by Mark Englehart

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