Introducing The Rude Mechanicals

     Once there was a pit with a keyboardist, a bass player, and a guy who played everything else. Out of that pit crawled the nucleus of The Rude Mechanicals. OK, that’s a bit dramatic; The Rude Mechanicals formed out of the pit band for The Hole in the Wall Theater’s 2007 production of “The Last 5 Years.” The three members of the “Last 5 Three” (Kristen, Bill and Kit) enjoyed playing together, and decided to keep going. Adding Michael Daly (vocals and rhythmn guitar) and Brian Jones (drums), rounded out the group and the band began rehearsing for a few gigs.

     The first gig was a Celtic music show for which group called itself the “Special Ceilidh Band”; later, when doing an evening of ’80s music, the band went by “Flock of Hamsters”. It started to become apparent that the band needed a permanent name; one that wouldn’t pigeon hole its sound.  The name “Rude Mechanicals” was borrowed from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (3/5 of the band also being actors) and it seemed to stick. With the name issue settled, the band began to focus on rehearsing.

     The group has a wide mix of musical backgrounds (Kristen is trained in classical piano, Bill’s played a lot of punk) and the band has developed a sound that 2 of 2 people surveyed have called Eclectic Rock. Along with hard-work and talent, another key factor in the growth of The Rude Mechancials is the band’s manager, Rebekah Royer-Poppel. In a room full of musicians, she’s the voice of reason and acts as “band ritalin.”

Here are some random facts about the band that you don’t need to know:

  • Kristen and Michael went to college together (Keene State in NH) where they both studied music
  • Kristen and Kit are married (so are the other members of the band, but Kit and Kristen are married to each other).
  • Bill was the best man at both Kit and Brian’s weddings.
  • Bill and Brian have played together in the past in different bands.
  • Brian is an archaeologist by day – he’s the real Dr. Jones.

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