String Tension

On September 17, 2016, in General, Rehearsal Wrap-up, by Bill

On our last practice before a gig this Sunday, our viola player, Linnea, brought in 4 different violas to try out. Having played the same instrument since 6th grade, Linnea felt it was time to upgrade. She would change instruments from song to song, and we quickly arrived at opinions that probably weren’t all that helpful. (“Ooh, I like the stripey one!”) Being a guy with a couple of guitars, I understand the differences each instrument can provide in tone and playability. What I wasn’t really familiar with was the idea that barring an instrument I already owned, the pain of having to choose the ONE instrument that I might play for the rest of my life. Linnea handled it with aplomb, and it’s likely that we’ll see (and hear) the “new” instrument at our show on Sunday at Black Eyed Sally’s. (Check our Facebook page for more information on this show and Tapping Into Twain coming up at the end of the month!)

*If I was a gambling man, I’d wager that we’ll see good old Stripey!

not a picture of what she actually brought in


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